CRE Future Leaders: Jeremy Morton

Jeremy Morton
Jeremy Morton

As a director at Interra Realty, Jeremy Morton advises clients on multifamily asset dispositions as well as analyzing potential investment opportunities. He believes that client relationships and market-driven data analysis are the keys to providing superb real estate guidance.

How did you get your start in the industry?

A close family friend operates a large retail brokerage in the Southeast, which gave me initial insight into real estate and piqued my interest in the industry. Throughout high school and college, I gained experience interning for real estate companies focusing on retail and residential, and once I graduated from college, I worked with a real estate investment firm out of Rosemont that focused on the industrial sector. The exposure to multiple real estate sectors throughout my younger professional years ultimately led to me choosing to focus my career in the multifamily market because of the mix of a residential atmosphere in a commercial setting. I could actually relate to the product of apartment buildings not only from renting in the past but also seeing and visiting so many multifamily properties around the city.

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